Snaky Cat Now Offers Free Access and 900K+ Token Rewards



iCandy Interactive, alongside Animoca Brands, has debuted an exclusive, time-limited event for its blockchain game, Snaky Cat, injecting a fresh twist into the classic snake-like game through token rewards.

Access to the game, typically requiring 300 $TOWER tokens, is temporarily free, broadening participation and offering daily opportunities to win from its significant 900,000 $TOWER prize pool.

$TOWER—vital to the TOWER gaming ecosystem featuring ‘Crazy Kings’ and ‘Crazy Defense Heroes’—is now earnable by navigating a virtual cat through challenges to collect food and dodge rivals.

Snaky Cat Token Rewards
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Nostalgic Gameplay with Real-World Earnings

Snaky Cat elevates gaming by rewarding skill and effort with $TOWER tokens, merging nostalgia and innovation for a richer gaming experience.

Furthermore, Snaky Cat’s integration with Coinbase’s L2 Base ensures reduced transaction fees and quicker processing, aligning with the game’s objective of providing a blockchain gaming experience that is both easily accessible and scalable.

Positioned at the cutting edge of the web3 gaming movement, which focuses on Play-to-Earn strategies to grow and maintain its player base, Snaky Cat’s promotional event stands out. 


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