Microsoft is quadrupling its AI investment in Spain



Microsoft has announced plans to significantly boost its investment in AI and cloud infrastructure in Spain, with a commitment to quadruple its spending during 2024-2025 to reach $2.1 billion. This substantial increase marks the largest investment by Microsoft in Spain since its establishment in the country 37 years ago.

The tech giant is set to unveil new data centres in Madrid and has outlined its intention to construct additional centres in Aragon, catering to European companies and public entities. The increased European infrastructure aims to deliver Microsoft’s cloud services with heightened security, privacy, and data sovereignty measures, facilitating access to the company’s full suite of AI solutions for businesses and public administrations in the region.

According to an analysis by IDC, these new Microsoft data centres have the potential to contribute €8.4 billion to the national GDP and help to generate 69,000 jobs from 2026 to 2030.

The commitment to investment aligns with a collaborative agreement forged between the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, and Microsoft President Brad Smith. Under this collaboration, Microsoft and the Government of Spain will collaborate on various initiatives aimed at advancing responsible AI, enhancing citizen services, and bolstering national cybersecurity and resilience across Spanish companies, public bodies, and critical infrastructures.

This partnership operates within the framework of the National Strategy for Artificial Intelligence and the National Cybersecurity Strategy outlined by the Spanish government. It revolves around four key action points:

  1. Extension of AI in public administration: Efforts will be directed towards modernising administrative processes and equipping officials with AI tools to boost efficiency. This includes deploying generative AI solutions and implementing AI training plans for officials.
  1. Promotion of responsible AI: Microsoft will share its responsible AI design standards, along with implementation guides and best practices documentation, with the Spanish Agency for the Supervision of Artificial Intelligence (AESIA).
  1. Strengthening national cybersecurity: Collaboration with the National Cryptological Center (CNI) aims to enhance early warning mechanisms and response to cybersecurity incidents in public administrations.
  1. Improving cyber-resilience of companies: Microsoft will collaborate with the National Institute of Cybersecurity (INCIBE) to enhance the cybersecurity posture of Spanish companies, particularly SMEs, by providing access to threat intelligence and conducting joint outreach initiatives.

Microsoft’s increased investment underscores its commitment to advancing technological innovation in Spain while fostering a secure and responsible digital ecosystem.

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